Non-ceramic & edc

I diversified into 'every day carry' (aka 'pocket art') following a chance collaboration 'worry stone' project in 2020 with extraordinary metal sculptor Chris Bathgate. Organic 'Sliders' cast in lead-free pewter were among my first solo output.

The last all-wood prototype waveform 'worry stone' with a Bathgate 'gem' insert in Amboyna burl. SOLD

A custom T2 slider with Bathgate amboyna burl insert. SOLD.

C1 'cicada' slider in pewter with removable wood 'gem' - NFS

Modified oloid. A prototype #1 spraypainted ceramic oloid with cast pewter fixed 'bean'. NFS

Tablet T2 - Slider (all pewter version). visually identical to Tablet T1, but the 'bean' slides over an array of magnets.

The Sign Up for Tablet T2 - Slider, included versions with surplus wood 'jewels' from my collaboration 'worry stone' project with Chris Bathgate in the US (they were far too beautiful not to use in one form or another!)

Tablet T1 - all cast pewter. Here a polished 'bean' fixed in a textured case design originated in carved cuttlebone. This was my first Sign Up.

The collaboration 'trlilobite' (top view, modified with glass beads), and the original Tablet 0 - worry stone. Both cast pewter.

A 2021 collaborative project that never materialised.

An alluring side benefit of the 'trilobite' worry stone was its tendency to curve pleasantly when a group got together! Black Palm and Desert Ironwood wood 'jewels' by Chris Bathgate.

A prototype #2 modified oloid in porcelain proved too involved to consider for the collaboration Sign Up. But, like its sister prototype #1 this may be resurrected for commissioned one-offs?

Hybrid 'trilobite' slider - all pewter with sliding 'bean'. (3 made, 2 SOLD)

Parian 'pillow' waveform worry stone with fixed glow-in-the-dark 'bean'. (2 made, 1 SOLD). In my Etsy store now.

Parian 'pillow' waveform worry stone with fixed glow-in-the-dark 'bean'. (2 made). In my Etsy store now.

Parian 'pillow' worry stones with fixed glow-in-the-dark and polished pewter 'bean' options (unedited image) . Available in my Etsy store now.

Pewter 'trilobite' with glow-in-the-dark fixed 'bean'. (2 made, both SOLD).

(See previous image)

Pewter 'comb' worry stone with fixed Desert Ironwood 'bean'. A one-off later re-shaped, polished and wood insert removed).

See previous image.

'Button B2' cuttlebone texture cast pewter fidget stone in two identical parts. Separated by a thrust bearing and held together by a central, hub magnet the two halves are handheld and rotated with the thumb.

Solid pewter (lead-free) pillow waveform worry stone with cuttlebone and polished finishes.