image: MrBigNakedRaku
'MR BIG II' raku and naked raku patterned  45cm wide

image: Blue Dancing Sharks
'Blue Dancers' raku  45cm wide

image: tiny nesting grey
'Tiny assembly nesting in small assembly' raku and naked raku  24cm wide

image: Sharks in the Big Blue
'Sharks dancing in the big blue' raku 45cm wide

image: Sentinel
'Sentinel' raku  45cm wide

image: Little Gladiator in its own Arena
'Little Gladiator in its own Arena' raku and naked raku  45cm wide

image: Blue Stars Over
'Blue Stars Over' (lamp) raku  45cm wide

image: stars over Chelsea
'Stars Over Chelsea' (not a lamp) raku  45cm wide 

image: blue dancers
'Blue Dancers nested in Bigger Blue Dancers' raku  45cm wide 

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