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Tiny Ceramicano assembly. 'The turtle moves!  A shape-shifting, articulated sculpture in raku 
(see a clip of this in metamorphosis on my Instagram channel post of mid-March 2020.)

New Blue! (With Tutti Frutti sharks guest 'nesting' in the heart. 0.1% Cobalt gives this glaze its colour. 
45cm wide segments make up this New Blue, which can be displayed in many orientations. Available

'Big blue dancing sharks’ together with 'Medium blue dancing sharks & orb bowl’ (Big still available).

'Sharks dancing in the big blue' #2 raku. 2 sculptures.  45cm wide. (Commissioned & SOLD)

Ceramicano assemblies in the wild.
Ceramicano assemblies in stoneware, unglazed crank. Each 45cm diameter on powdercoated stands. Available

Ceramicano butterfly
Ceramicano 'butterfly' in stoneware unglazed crank. 45cm diameter, on powdercoated stand. Available

'The Ambassador'  raku and patterned naked raku. 2 sculptures.  45cm wide. (Elements reconfigured)

'Tiny Quadglobe' nested in 'Small dancing sharks' nested in 'orbalancer' outer bowl - raku  45cm wide. SOLD

image: MrBigNakedRaku
'MR BIG' #2' raku and naked raku patterned.  45cm wide. Available

'Tiny quadglobe' (white) nested in 'Sardukar' (turquoise) nested in the outer bowl of 'The Ambassador' (black and white)  
3 sculptures in raku. 45cm wide. SOLD

image: Blue Dancing Sharks
'Blue Dancers' raku  45cm wide. SOLD

Starfield 'Orbalancer' (3 posable parts) 45cm wide. 4 SOLD, 

'Orbalancer' view one (3 posable parts) 40cm wide. (Commissioned & SOLD)

'Orbalancer' view two (3 posable parts)  40cm wide. (Commissioned & SOLD)

image: tiny nesting grey
'Tiny quadglobe' nesting in 'small grey sharks' raku and naked raku  24cm wide. SOLD

image: Sharks in the Big Blue
'Sharks dancing in the big blue'. #1 raku 45cm wide. Outer SOLD, inner SOLD (in Commissioned version #2).

image: Sentinel
'Sentinel' raku  45cm wide. (Elements reconfigured)

image: Little Gladiator in its own Arena
'Little Gladiator in its own Arena' raku and naked raku  45cm wide. (Elements refired with clear glaze).

image: Blue Stars Over
'Blue Stars Over' (removable lamp) raku  45cm wide. Available

3 tiny articulated 'ceramicano' assemblies 13cm wide (view position 1).  SOLD (individually)

3 tiny articulated 'ceramicano' assemblies 13cm wide (view position 2).  SOLD (individually)

3 tiny articulated 'ceramicano' assemblies 13cm wide (view position 3).  SOLD (individually)

image: stars over Chelsea
'Stars Over Chelsea' (not a lamp) raku  45cm wide. SOLD (similar, removable lamp version available)

image: blue dancers
'Blue Dancers nested in Bigger Blue Dancers' raku 45cm wide. SOLD

Already SOLD?  Why not commission one for yourself?