Family of 4 mussel forms in black unglazed stoneware (smallest 5cm long - largest 35cm long) SOLD

image: mussel forms
'Mother and Pup' mussel forms in naked raku 30cm wide  SOLD

'Mother and Pup' nut forms in white unglazed stoneware SOLD

Family of 3 mussel forms in white unglazed stoneware (smallest 5cm long - largest 23cm long)  SOLD

image: nuts in ferric firing
Nut forms in foil saggar firing 6, 9 and 13cm wide  SOLD

image: 3 nut finishes
Nut forms in naked raku, naked raku and foil saggar firings. Each 9cm wide  SOLD

image: paired mussel forms
Small mussel forms in naked raku. Each 13cm wide  SOLD