Albino squid in copper glaze 20cm long.

3-rib squid in copper glae. 20cm long.

Racing squid in raku - 23cm long. (a range is available).

Racing squid in beaded tutti frutti raku - 23cm long. 

Black racing squid in black body stoneware - 20cm long. (4 available).

image: seedpod group
'Seedpods' group in raku - each 12cm diameter.

image: mated pair white
'Mated pair white' raku - 30cm long. SOLD

image: male and female mated pair
'Seedpods' male and female in raku - each 12cm diameter. SOLD

image: mated red pair
'Mated pair red' raku - 30cm wide. SOLD

'Mated pair', squid and seedpod in pink raku - 30cm wide.

See something you like but it's already SOLD? Why not commission a sculpture for yourself - the random nature of raku firing ensures uniqueness in every piece!